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Lobster Roll Neptune Oyster

Where are the best Lobster Rolls in Boston?

We conduct a data extraction process to get which and where the best Lobster Rolls are in Boston.

How to rank Lobster Roll in Boston

  • The size of the Lobster Roll: All shebang must fit in a mouth of average size, that’s the first thing, so you get to taste every bite with that sweet mixture of bread with butter and sauce.
  • Lobster Roll Extras: The beauty of the Lobster Roll is its simplicity, in this sense lettuce, bitter and vegetable flavors are very important.
  • Lobster Roll Sauces: Mayonnaise must be mixed with meat just before serving or accompanying it, that’s a Lobster Roll law we’ll find in Boston. The lobster when left to rest in the mayonnaise absorbs its flavor and becomes flaccid and clear although the butter may or may not be better. should be poured over warm meat.

Best Lobster Roll Boston

1- Neptune Oyster

Lobster Roll Neptune Oyster

Neptune Oyster is considered by the entire community to be perhaps the best place Lobster Roll in Boston, lobster served on a toast that is available hot and buttered and also cold with mayonnaise. They offer different varieties of Lobster Roll, Maine version, and Lobster version Connecticut.

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Located at 63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113-2273, and the price range is between $10 – $40.

2- Pauli’s

Pauli's Lobster Roll boston

This North End restaurant serves Lobster Roll in several versions, which is important to mention that they charge an additional $2 for hot butter preparation.

Located at 65 Salem St, Boston, MA 02113-2229, and the price range is between $25 and $80.

3- Alive & Kicking Lobsters

Alive & Kicking Lobsters

This restaurant offers more sandwich than a regular roll but really hardly anyone cares haha, Alive & Kicking add a lot of lobster meat between the two pieces of bread, that does matter.

4- James Hook & Company

James Hook and Company Lobster Roll

One of the oldest on the market, James Hook & Company has been operating since 1925, they have several positive references because the Lobster Roll they offer are super fresh as they themselves catch the lobsters and prepare it, interesting no?. They offer a Lobster Roll in their iconic oceanfront dining room.

They are located at 440 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02110 and their price hovers between $25 and $50.

5- Row 34

Row 34 Lobster Roll

One of the most modern oysters and beer bars in Fort Point, owned by Jeremy Sewall, catches lobsters in York Harbor, Maine. They also offer a version dressed in mayonnaise and fresh cream.

They are located at 383 congress St, Boston, MA 02210-1811.

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