The Best Diet for People Who Work from 9 to 5

La mejor dieta para personas que trabajan de 9 a 5

When we already have months working in a company from 9 to 5 we begin to notice the changes in our bodies, we will show an excellent guide to the best diet for all those people who work in a company or institution from 9 a.m. to 5 p. m.

The feeding plan that recommends a dietitian to get the right nutrients, even, no matter how busy you are in your workday, the perfect day we will turn it into perfect dishes.

Most of us have a reasonably good idea of what constitutes a feeding plan, although sometimes life and circumstances get in our way.

Know the best fast and easy food options for all those busy employees it’s the difference between eating well and not eating. So, the big question is, ¿What would a perfect feeding day look like for a busy professional?

Diet for working people from 9 a.m to 5 p. m.

The best diet for people who work from 9 to 5
Lunch At Work – Diet Eating Plan
  • 7 a. m.

To optimize your metabolism, the ideal is breakfast before the 8 a. m. Running out the door with little more than a coffee, it’s like starting the day on your left foot. The best breakfast recipes you can prepare quickly at home can be oatmeal with low GI, thick yogurt and fruit, an egg or beans baked into a toast, or even a liquid drink you can drink when you walk out the door.

In case you are already on your way to work, a coffee and a sándwich roasting with granulated bread go quite well from a nutritional point of view. Banana bread, Turkish toast, and large syrup-based coffees are high in processed carbohydrates and sugars, not good choices.

  • 10 a. m.

If you have had a good breakfast and at the right time, then a few hours later you should feel a little hungry. This is fine because it means your body is burning your fuel efficiency. Good snacks to eat now include thick yogurt, fruits, whole grain cookies with low fat spread.

A cup of green tea it is also ideal, It has been shown that drinking three cups of green tea a day slightly increases the metabolic rate.

  • 01 p. m.

The lunch that’s when things can start to go wrong. If you haven’t eaten enough during the morning, you may notice that now is when you start to have cravings for sugar. To help control these cravings and avoid eating fatty and sweet snacks, make sure your lunch contains a good amount of vegetables and protein. Ham or cheese sandwiches, tuna salads, or vegetable soups are lightweight options, but they don’t contain the volume needed to keep you full. Instead, try the tuna salads, salmón or chicken with beans or granulated bread, soups with crackers and tuna, or a small chicken or chopped pasta with salad.

  • 3 a 4 p. m.

If you have had a well-balanced lunch, you should be satisfied until mid-afternoon, when you should eat something light before you get too hungry in the late afternoon and raid the pantry before dinner. Nuts offer essential fats and are abundant. Try a walnut-based snack bar or spread nuts over whole-grain cookies. If you ingest up sweet foods, try the low-fat hot chocolate.

  • 6 a 7 p. m.

Dinner late is one of the biggest mistakes we make, but sometimes it is inevitable, with long hours of work and commuting. Keep your dinner lighter, the later you find yourself eating it, with light grills, vegetables, and salads. If you often eat after 8 p.m., eat a light dinner of soup or salad and a heavier main meal at lunchtime.

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