Mamajuana Recipe (Dominican Drink)

Mamajuana bebida dominicana receta
Mamajuana Bebida Dominicana Receta

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The famous Mamajuana, which is always on many shelves in the Dominican Republic today we teach you how to prepare the Mamajuana step by step.
Mamajuana bebida dominicana receta

The origin of this according to ElDiarioNY was of medicine, but one thing if it is clear is that today is the most emblematic drink of the Dominican Republic.

Now the root of the famous Mamajuana is in Africa, but nothing that does not take away from us being able to put a title of How to Prepare a Mamajuana (Dominican Drink).

When the conquerors took African slaves to work in the new lands, of course, they came with their customs, traditions, gastronomy, and drinks, as we mentioned, in the sixteenth century it is said that the mamajuana was medicine but by its irresistible flavor it managed to become popular.

His fame is such that they call him “the Dominican liquid viagra“, for his supposed aphrodisiac properties. Some bottles that are sold in the Dominican Republic even claim to cure liver, prostate, and pancreatic cancers.

Mamajuana bebida dominicana receta

Mamajuana Recipe (Dominican Drink)

The famous Mamajuana, which is always on many shelves in the Dominican Republic today we teach you how to prepare the Mamajuana step by step.
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Tiempo Preparación 20 minutos
Tiempo Cocción 6 días 22 horas 40 minutos
Tiempo Total 6 días 23 horas


Ingredients to make a Mamajuana

  • Ginebra. Ron o Ron miel de tu preferencia. Vino tinto de tu preferencia. Miel de Abeja. Un toque de vainilla, anis estrella y jengibre. Plantas dominicanas: raíces y cortezas de guayacár, anamú, bejuco indio, clavo dulce, bejuco caro, palo de Brasil, maguey, pega palo, marabelí, timacle, canelilla. Y éstas son sólo algunas, entre más hierbas consigas, mejor. Un puñito de cada una.
  • Ron or Rum honey of your choice.
  • Red wine of your choice.
  • Bee Honey.
  • A touch of vanilla, star anis and ginger.
  • Dominican plants: roots and barks of guayacár, anamú, Indian bejuco, sweet nail, expensive bejuco, Brazil stick, maguey, stick stick, marabelí, timacle, canelilla. And these are just a few, the more herbs you get, the better. A little one of each.


Steps to prepare a Mamajuana

  • This step is very important as we must look for a bottle where the mamajuana will be, it must be well clean and well dried. All the herbs you can get in a Dominican products store and wash them very well.
  • After washing the herbs we put it in the bottle and fill it with the gin, let it rest for 10 days.
  • After the week and four day we threw the gin.
  • Now in a vase, we add three tablespoons of honey and red wine, mix very well, now we fill the bottle of mamajuana and leave it again 10 more days (if we know it is a long process but the result is satisfactory).
  • After a time he throws the wine. At this point, the herbs are ready for the last maceration. Fill your bottle of Mamajuana with the rum or honey rum, add the ginger, star anise and vanilla, and let it rest for another ten days. At the end of these ten days, your Mamajuana will be ready to be enjoyed.
  • As it emptied you can fill with more rum and the flavor will change because the herbs are still macerating. They say the taste also varies depending on the "hand" of the person who prepares it, so we want you to have a very "good hand".
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