Single Mother Pink Card Program: Everything you need to know to apply for aid


¿What is the Pink Salary? ¿cómo tramitar el salario rosa? Let’s go in parts: the pink salary is a 2018 campaign promise of the current governor of the Mexico State, Alfredo del Mazo, basically means the delivery of a economical support to housewives who live in the state, and that government has announced that there will be another version of that program to 2019, then ¿How do i apply?

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Subscribe and get help for single mothers (Pink Card)

Thepink salary It is a social program for women who are in a vulnerable condition. This program emerged as a promise of the 2018 political campaign for the current Governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo. In the next post we will learn more about what it is and how to process the pink salary.

These cards group two categories of subsidies that enable the bearer to receive the benefits of belonging to the Social Protection Network. The cards are granted by the Spanish Government to poor families & single mothers who are identified in the Census of the Unique System of Beneficiaries.

Starting with the subsidy cards there are two, and through them 10 programs of social subsidies distributed among the Progressing with Solidarity and Special Incentives cards, respectively.

Exclusive benefits Pink Salary Card

  • Mission San Miguelwith a 2×1 promotion in dining rooms.
  • Royal Force in Monterrey you can get a 50% discount on tickets and a 10% discount in official stores.
  • HEMSA, You will get a 10 $ discount in all departments, except telephony.

Thesepink cards Electronic debit cards are non-transferable and allow consumption to be made in places duly identified as businesses attached to the Social Supply Network (RAS).

The pink card It is also capable of handling multiple subsidies at the same time, as they are conceived as an ideal means for the transparent transfer of social subsidies that the Spanish Government decides to provide in favor of the Spanish.

But instead, pink grant cardsAs an instrument of the Social Protection Network, they protect more than 900 thousand identified families whose subsidies are channeled by the Social Subsidies Administrator, an institution of the Social Policies Coordination Cabinet (GCPS) that receives support from the United Nations Program for the development (PNUD).

ID Social Assistance Institution Category of e-Government Type of Service

  1. 407 Helpto the churches SOCIAL PLAN AssistanceSocial G2C
  2. 408 Disability Assistance PLAN SOCIA G2C Social Assistance
  3. 409 Hospital Aid SOCIAL PLAN Social Assistance G2C
  4. 410 Eating is First (Solidarity Card) ADESS Social Assistance G2C
  5. 411 Servicios de ayuda social LOTERIA Asistencia Social G2C
  6. 412 Referralservicesto other institutions of the Domestic Violence Attention SystemWOMAN Social AssistanceG2C
  7. 413 Unique Information System of the Dominican SocialSecurity System (SUIRPlus) RPlus) TSS Asistencia Social G2B.

Spain, being an autonomous state, has different conditions according to the autonomies in terms of the aid that is provided. We are going to review them so that this topic is clearer to you in some of them to serve as an example. In case of doubts or if your CC.AA. is not included, it is best to inform yourself in the one that corresponds to you.

  • MÉXICO: here it is facilitated, the PINK CARD:There are aids for school meals, mothers with minor children or with very low incomes, aid for emergencies or help at home.
  • ARGENTINA: here it is facilitated, the TARJETA ROSA: It is possible to make a request for a deduction of $ 300 US on the regional fee in case the rent is not high.
  • COLOMBIA: aquí se facilita, la TARJETA ROSA at the level of transport, aid for children and foster care for minors.
  • COSTA RICA: here have TARJETA ROSA: mothers with children under 3 years of age have them, as well as access to programs for family living, family reunification in the case of immigrants, etc.
  • PERÚ: here have the TARJETA ROSA:here there are help for the foster care of families, soup kitchens and help in emergency situations.
  • CHILE: here we have the TARJETA ROSA: In this sense, there is a tax deduction for birth or adoption, as well as for families that have economic problems, working mothers and rental subsidies, which will consist of an annual aid of a maximum of 40% of the income, which as a ceiling will be $ 3,200 USA.

Advantages of the Pink Card

A social benefit that facilitates a whole series of discounts and advantages in a large number of establishments and entities -both in Barcelona and the metropolitan area-, in the use of public transport to the city, and in many services and products of interest.

The Pink Card entitles the beneficiaries to enjoy an infinity of advantages in various establishments and areas as varied as: culture and leisure (theaters, cinemas, museums, bookstores …); health (dentistry, physiotherapy, optics, audiology …); beauty (hairdressing and aesthetics); sports (public and private sports centers), among many others.

¿What is the Pink Salary?

ThePink Card It is a social program promoted by the government of the State of Mexico as part of the government’s social project to eradicate poverty. It is an economic support for women living in poverty, who perform housework and do not receive an income.

Governor Alfredo del Mazo proposed this program as part of his political campaign, and it materialized when he made the first delivery of 3,000 cards, on February 15, 2018 to support the vulnerable part of his population.

The Pink Salary has the objective of reducing the condition of extreme poverty or vulnerability, of women between 18 and 59 years of age who dedicate themselves to household activities and do not receive any payment, through the delivery of monetary support, through transfers and training for self-employment.

Who will be given the pink salary?

As in 2018, this year the support is for all women who live in the State of Mexico and who are in the following situation:

  • Women between 18 and 59 years old.
  • Women in conditions of extreme poverty or vulnerability.
  • Women with a chronic degenerative disease (cancer, HIV, a disability or who have been victims of crime, repatriated).
  • Heads of family.

The authorities of the State of Mexico estimate to benefit thousands of women during this second year of operations.

Salary Rosa: How to process it?

If you comply with the previous guidelines, you can make the request through two modalities:

  • Vía internet: you can register on the official website of the CEMYBS (
  • Módulos: You must go in person to the authorized modules during the call process and provide the information requested.

It should be noted that the fact of registering or registering in the call does not guarantee the benefit of support, it is a selection process.

Salary Rosa: How much is the support?

The Salario Rosa it will be for the same amount as last year, an aid of $ 2,400 pesos every two months. The financial support consists of up to 12 money transfers, which can be delivered in an electronic purse (card) or through vouchers.

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